Friday, 22 January 2016

Episode 28 – Project Veggie and Space Lettuce

This month on Produce Talks, we connect with Trent Smith the Project Manager for the Veggie facility on the International Space Station. Trent was able to explain some of the unique considerations that exist when trying to provide plants with just the essentials of soil, water, and light. Project Veggie has implications for not only for long-term space travel, but some of what they are learning can have impacts on production practices back on earth.

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Trent was kind enough to provide us with a few links for more information on the Veggie project, as well as, links to some of the content discussed on the podcast. Click on the embedded links below to access the pictures, videos and tweets.

Veggie News Releases

Harvesting the First Crop Salad

Selfie Still of Kjell and Scott enjoying their home-grown space lettuce.

Salad Selfie

Space Station Live: How Does Your Garden Grow in Space?

Veggie Plant Growth System Version-5

Wringing out a Washcloth in Space